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Locksmith in Export, PA

Locksmith in Export, PA

To keep your family and business premises safe, you will need to install the right security systems. These could be access control systems, commercial surveillance systems, card and keypad entry systems, and much more. But how do you identify the best lock and keys for your home or business? A skilled and licensed locksmith will advise you on the best locks to install. R&G Locksmith is a local locksmith in Export, PA. We are available 24/7/365.

Brief about Export, PA.

Locksmith in Export, PA
Call a licensed, and bonded locksmith in Export, PA

There is a lot to love about Export, PA. The town was established as a result of coal mining in Westmoreland County. With a population of close to 1000, the 1km2 of land makes up a closely-knit community surrounded by Murrysville Municipality. There are two major scenic spots in the area which include Franklin Regional Hill School, and the Free Gospel Bible Institute.

R&G Locksmith prides itself as a premier locksmith in Export, PA. We are available round-the-clock for any lock emergencies. Call us today and let us restore the safety and security integrity of your systems.

Below are some of our locksmith services in greater Pennslyvania;

New lock installation in Export, PA.

It might take you more time to install a lock than when a professional does it. Also, more desirable results and long-lasting locks will be achieved when a locksmith handles the task for you. Therefore, when you think of changing the locks in your home, contact an experienced professional so that your home is secure. Whether you are installing deadbolts, cam locks, wall mounted locks, lever handle locks, or knob locks, R&G Locksmith has your back. We will help you choose the right locks for your external and internal doors and complete the installation task at affordable prices.

High-security lock installation

Commercial hi-security lock
Need a new lock for your business premises? Call a professional commercial locksmith in Greensburg, PA.

If you want to take your home security to higher levels in a cost-effective way, you can install high-security locks on your doors or gates. With high-security locks, they have a complicated locking mechanism that is close to impossible to hack. There are numerous high-security locks to choose from. Whether you need password protected locks or a sophisticated user responsive system, R&G Locksmith has your back for their installation. We partner with repute lock manufacturers and can help you choose the right brand. Among the leading brands include Abloy, Mul-T-Lock, Bilock, and EVVA.

Lock Re-key services

¬†Another way to ensure high security in your home is by re-keying the doors. Once you move to a new place, we take advance measures like changing all locks in our new home so that the previous occupant cannot access the house.¬† Instead of going through all this trouble, you can re-key the doors and enjoy the same security level for your place. By re-keying, the professional changes the lock’s inner locking system, and thereby a new key will be used to open and close the door. Rekeying is also a cheaper way to bring convenience n your home. If you are tired of carrying a bunch of keys to access the internal doors, you can re-key the doors to use a single key.

Home key replacement and duplication

Nowadays, this service is not as simple as it was before. Many people are now using more sophisticated locks for their homes and not simple padlocks like before. This means that to cut a key or make a copy of the original; there is a need for more advanced key cutting machines. Whether your key is worn out, broken, you need a spare key, or you lost the key, contact us for quality key cutting services.

Residential locksmith services near me

New lock installation in Greensburg, PA.
We are a certified locksmith in Greensburg, PA. Call us for new doorknob lock installation in Greater PA

When you face problems with lock and key troubles in your home or need a security system evaluation, residential locksmith near me services becomes necessary. Trusting a local locksmith keeps you at peace knowing that whenever your locks are faulty, you lose your keys, or find yourself locked out of you home, you have a person who can come to your aid in a few minutes. Whether you need a lock repair or a new key urgently, you broke a key in the locks and needed it removed or want a general security system inspection. Call our locksmith in Export, PA.

Intercom systems installation

Installing an intercom system in your place comes with an array of benefits, the first being providing you with cutting edge security for everyone and everything in your home. Intercom systems help you have a visual and even communicate with anyone who wants to access your place. This way, you can keep away intruders and limit access to people coming to your premise. When incorporated with a telephone system, you can converse with people around your home without in a single location. Depending on the needs you seek to achieve, you can install either an audio or video intercom system. For quality installation and maintenance, contact us today.

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