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Locksmith Services in Scottdale, PA

Locksmith in Scottdale, PA.

If you own a home, business place, or a car, you cannot ignore the services of a reliable locksmith.

Any security and safety concern for your home should be left in the hands of a locksmith in Scottdale, PA.

Commercial hi-security lock
Need a new lock for your business premises? Call a professional commercial locksmith in Greensburg, PA.

At R&G Locksmith, we offer a wide variety of locksmith services including but not limited to;

High-security lock installation and repair

When locks fail to function appropriately, uninstalling them is the best solution to have assured security for your home or office.

The removal of the previous lock depends on the type of lock.

Uninstalling a deadbolt lock requires you to unscrew it while the process can be complicated for other locks like doorknobs.

Being equipped with a tool like a spanner, plug follower, and a catch tool is necessary when called for to perform a lock change.

For exterior doors, investing in high-end locks is vital to ensure that there is a high level of security. T

he priciest lock does not always mean the most secure.

Therefore, to choose the right lock, the help of a professional is essential.

At R&G Locksmith, we have your back for whatever lock need you might have.

Deadbolt lock repair in Greensburg, PA
Call us today for new deadbolt lock repair and installation in Greensburg, PA. R

Cabinet lock change in Scottdale, PA.

Mailboxes and cabinets are used quite often around a working space to store files and confidential documents.

This means that their all-time best working condition should be maintained.

When you find out that your lock needs several trials to open it, calling a professional immediately is wise.

The mechanism used to change a cabinet lock is similar to that of a door lock but with slight differences due to different locking mechanisms.

Often, for cabinets, the key plug is fixed on a bar.

This requires the cabinets to be opened as the first step, which gives a way to remove the lock.

Broken key extraction services in Greensburg, PA
Call a licensed locksmith in Greensburg, PA for new lock installation and repair service.

At this point, you can install a new lock. In words, the process seems simple and straightforward.

However, high-level skills and experience are necessary to get the work done correctly.

For cabinet lock change and repair, think no further than R&G Locksmith.

Broken key extraction in Scottdale, PA.

Keys break in locks for many reasons.

Whether it is because you were hurriedly locking the door, did it with too much force or you are using a worn-out key, you need extraction services.

We are experts in handling broken key extractions; we will leave your lock and door with no damage.

However, sometimes the broken piece is too far into the lock, which might have result in damage to the cylinder.

At R&G Locksmith, we use a pick tool with a hook-like sheath to try and hook the broken piece of key and pull it out of the lock.

We only suggest replacing the lock when the problem seems to be out of hand.

Whether you experience this problem at your workplace, home or car, we have your back for affordable solutions.

Safe lockout in Scottdale, PA.

Having a safe for safe-keeping of your valuables is a good idea. However, as much as they are convenient, they sometimes breakdown or get faulty.

R&G Locksmith is the right technician for specialized safe repair and replacement.

Safe locksmith in Greensburg, PA
Are you facing a safe lockout, or need new safe combination? Call a professional safe locksmith in Greensburg, PA

If you have trouble opening your safe, we always begin by lubricating it.

Sometimes the problem can be as a result of a dry pathway for the tabbed wheels.

However, sometimes the problem goes beyond this and the safe password can be cracked. With the right locksmith, the process ends with your possession undamaged.

Whether you own a wall-mounted safe, gun safe, or jewel safe, we are the people to call for their repair or replacement.

Access control system installation

Limiting people who access our premises is very crucial in maintaining high-security levels.

If you are wondering about the cheapest way to achieve this, there are an array of access control systems you can install to your premise.

They include the use of access cards, biometrics, having pin numbers and passwords at the access points as well as the use of mechanical barriers like locks.

Whichever the means you feel that will best suit your needs, we have your back for its installation and maintenance.

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